Product Management Masterclass®

A one-day course, delivered to restricted class sizes at locations throughout the UK and USA.

It’s the detail that counts

Tarigo’s one day Product Management Masterclass® sessions have been developed to give companies the opportunity to focus in more detail on a particular aspect of product management training.

Taking a closer look

As well as being of interest to companies that have identified a training need in a specific area, our Masterclass sessions are also popular with product managers who have completed our Complete Product Management® course and wish to revisit a topic in order to explore it in more detail.

Typical Masterclass sessions include:

  • The Innovation Station
  • Product Messaging
  • Setting a Product Strategy

Ready to take the next step?

For product managers looking for training that provides a broader understanding of a product’s entire lifecycle, Tarigo offers a Complete Product Management® course, whereas Heads of Product Management may be more interested in our Product Management Leadership® course.

When you know your needs are specific ... 

Many clients choose our in-house training, often a cost-effective option if considering training for as few as four delegates.

In-house training can range from intensive five-day courses with a full post-training implementation schedule to one-day sessions that focus on a specific topic.

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