Tarigo PMX® - Product Management Excellence

A Continuous Learning Programme Tailored for your Product Management Team

At Tarigo, we don't just deliver public and in-house training for product managers and product teams. We also do lots of consultancy work for businesses of any size, local or international, small or large!

We can combine our consultancy work and training to produce strategically thought out training programmes that fit the specific needs of your organisation whilst maximising the efficiency of internal processes and structures that your team work within.

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Face to Face In-House Training

We review and assess your team to identify areas of strength, prioritise goals and plan a bespoke training plan to upskill and develop your team according to your organisation's goals, priorities and strategy.

We then deliver the planned training schedule once agreed, this is the bulk of the training and upskilling aspect of the package.

To ensure that knowledge uptake has been maximised we include some continuous development pieces to follow up training sessions, these take the shape of webinars in most cases. Allowing large numbers of the team to access short masterclasses on topics that haven't been included in the training, as well as review previously covered content.

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The final part of our full package solution is the delivery of our tools and online resources to your entire team: pre, during and post training. Each individual will have a unique log in to access Product Management Central. Our online learning platform contains digital learning covering all of the core content of our training, along with all of our tools and worksheet resources and additional access to deep-dive papers and archived webinar videos!

What does PMX include?

Our Product Management Excellence package can be cherry picked to suit what you are looking for in your training. Add, swap and remove aspects of our offerings to suit what you are looking for and we will be able to accommodate your needs to upskill and fully round out your product team!

Mind the Gap – Review your team

We prepare product teams to achieve specific business. Customised training is planned and deployed to upskill in the areas that are low performing in order to fill the gaps.
The process includes:

  • Identify priorities for the next 12 months and match them with specific Product Management Skills.
  • Interview and identify the skills assets of your team at an individual level.
  • Score and assign each individual for each skill, from 0 to 10 with as either; learn it, do it or coach it.
  • Working with the team to produce a plan for bespoke training to target any short fall in team and individual skills.
  • Implement the training plan, including a mix of; face to face training, peer to peer working, online resources and learning, plus webinars and papers for support.
product management skills gap review

Tailored Training Strategy

Delivering inhouse bespoke masterclasses and Complete Product Management training in line with your training strategy, train what is needed for the business.

We can deliver 'A la Carte' style programming where you pick and choose the training your organisation needs must, making for the most engaging and effective training program possible.

Continuous Interactive Learning

Post training follow up can be taken to any extreme with Tarigo. Follow our LinkedIn and keep an eye out for our webinar masterclasses that a free to join. Our daily blogs, available on LinkedIn and online learning platform are free to consume and often contain activities to be completed or offer some thought-provoking ideas.

To take your continuous learning to the next level, you can join us at Product Management Central and sign up for your 7-day Trial. We think you'll love the content available! There is a lot to learn and remember and PMC can help you with that!

Product Management Central

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Product Management Central is the go-to online portal for product managers.

A hub to continuously top up and revise PM knowledge on key areas, as well as providing resources and templates to instil a functional Product management process to help guide your work with the best chance at success.

Available Resources:

  • Animated video lessons
  • Multiple choice quizzes
  • Interactive tools
  • Downloadable tools and worksheets
  • Archived webinar videos
  • Blogs
  • Papers

PMX for the full team

Product Management Excellence is a full package solution for the full team. It can be customised and scaled for any organisation to take advantage of the most effective upskill and training package available.

From understanding skills and capabilities within your team, to getting product culture right for your business – through to delivering prioritised training to help the business achieve set targets!

Extremely useful and very practical for my job as product manager at a multinational software company.

Neil Kenealy, Senior Product Manager, IONA Technologies