Complete Product Management® 3 Day Course

Tarigo’s Complete Product Management® training is structured to follow the typical lifecycle of a product, from initial concept through product launch to ongoing enhancement and product withdrawal. It focuses on the key issues a product manager faces at each stage and provides delegates with the tools and methodologies needed to drive product success throughout.

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Day 1: Selecting a winning product

Selecting the right product ideas means increased sales, improved profits and huge efficiency gains across your company. Bearing this in mind, the first day of the course defines a framework that enables a product manager to critically assess the merits and likely success of each idea. Using real-world examples and invaluable tools, participants are guided through the following key areas:

The role of product management
Concept phase
Business case phase – Product considerations and market considerations
Business case phase – Pricing and finance considerations

Day 2: Staying On Track

The second day of Tarigo’s Complete Product Management® training provides the framework and real-world techniques to help companies deliver on-time and on-target. It is broken down into the following practical and informative sessions:

Business case phase – competitor analysis
Business case phase – risk assessment and measuring success
Business case phase – market requirements
The build phase

Day 3: Product release and refinement

With a focus on product launch and ongoing planning, the final day of Tarigo’s Complete Product Management® training is all about maximising sales right through to the end of a product’s life. The following key areas are covered:

The launch phase
In-life phase
Retirement phase


To help delegates put into practice what they have learnt on the course, all participants receive a Toolset, a unique set of templates that support the full product management lifecycle process.

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Many clients choose our in-house training, often a cost-effective option if considering training for as few as four delegates.

In-house training can range from intensive five-day courses with a full post-training implementation schedule to one-day sessions that focus on a specific topic.

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"A great course giving you the knowledge and toolset to build & develop a Product Management team within your business."

Elaine Smith, House of Fraser

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