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Welcome to Product Management Central, a growing resource site for Product Managers and Product Directors looking for insightful and relevant information. The papers, videos and other artefacts are based on the experience and knowledge gained by Tarigo Product Management as it has worked worked with over 15000 Product Managers across the globe. Enjoy!

In a modern world where everything is fast-paced and digital, we want to make sure we can deliver our Product Management Training to you no matter where you are.

This why we created Product Management Central, affectionately known as PMC.

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To get started with our learning platform all you need to do is a quick sign up form with some basic details and your all set. When you sign up you have a 7-day free trail. This is a grace period, so you can look around the platform and see if it’s for you. We are confident in our service and product, so we want to give you the chance to see it. If you cancel your subscription during those 7-days, then it won’t cost you a penny.

Product Management Central is a subscription-based platform and cost just £19.99 per month to individual users, this is a price point that has been carefully considered when comparing to other similar services and the prices of traditional training methods.

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For Product Teams and Companies looking to sign up groups of users then please contact us to discuss onboarding and pricing structure!

Videos & lessons

We deliver lessons on our learning platform using the following format:

  • Written introduction and briefing
  • Animated video lesson that covers the core topic
  • A multiple-choice quiz that checks the information you have retained from the lesson video that you’ve just watched.
  • A workshop that provides you with a tool, template or worksheet to fill out in order to cement everything you’ve just covered in the lesson and quiz.

Check out a sample of one of our lesson videos

Tools and worksheets

We have a number of tools to help you perform your daily tasks from ideation management to market research right the way through to our retirement canvas. Our tools can help you make the right decision and present the best recommendations, with the right evidence to back it up. We have some deeper dive worksheets that’s are more comprehensive in the information they hold and interactive tools that you can fill out online and save down as PDF’s in-order to make creating and sharing vital information easy and transparent.

a selection of the Product Manager Tools available
Blogs and Papers

You can view our blogs via Product Management Central, either when logged in or as a public visitor without signing up. Click here to view our blogs via Product Management Central. You may recognise them as we post these blogs on our LinkedIn feeds as well.

Our papers cover topics from; lessons and skills, to task, product management process and the future of product management. We regularly add new papers, meaning our content is current and relevant to every changing landscape of product management.

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If you’re a big business with a multiple product teams in excess of hundreds of individuals – or if you’re a hardworking individual striving to improve yourself and your product management capabilities.

Product management Central can be your one stop shop to access continuous learning, revision and development of skills and capabilities, align business strategy with a professional product process.

As an individual wanting to sign up – Head over to PMC here and sign up now. You’ll receive a 7-day free trail to help you decide if the platform works for you, we are confident you’ll enjoy it! And if you do you can carry on using the site with our monthly subscription plan!

As a company looking to onboard a team of 5 or more then please contact us here with information of team size and what you’re interested in. We will be in touch with how this process will work for onboarding and get you set up as soon as we can!

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