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The Tarigo Toolset helps delegates put into place what they have learnt on their course in a practical and effective way. Comprising a series of templates with clear guidelines, it enables customers to quickly and easily enter information into the relevant boxes to produce invaluable support tools for all stages of a product’s life.

Insights Paper 2: Product Management in an Agile World

Using Agile development and delivery methodologies alongside Product Management strategies and objectives requires a clarity on roles & responsibilities as well as a collaborative approach. Ways to achieve a harmonious partnership across both disciplines are discussed in this second Insights paper.

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Insights Paper 1: Product Management & Marketing

Insights into how the adoption of an integrated approach to product management and product marketing can benefit the whole of the product life cycle from enhanced market feedback to faster speed-to-market as well as clarity of product messaging from inception through to launch.

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Example tool: the product launch checklist

This tool professionalises the launch process and ensures that product managers think about the wider proposition rather than focus solely on the technical product. It lists all of the deliverables that should be considered by the product team at point of launch. Without it, there is a risk that elements are overlooked, resulting in product or service gaps, such as pricing not in place, naming rights not secured, or legal issues neglected.

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