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Product Management & page 3……

Product Management & page 3……
Product Management

There’s been quite a furore in the UK media this week with the announcement that Page 3 of “The Sun” has changed. As a UK daily tabloid newspaper that has featured a picture of a topless woman on page 3 for the last forty years this weeks announcement of end of this was quickly followed by groups claiming either a victory for feminism or a loss of liberty (or various points in between).

Putting ethics and morals to one side for a moment, I’d like to offer a view of Product Management & page 3 on this story. “The Sun” has not in fact ended its association with topless pictures, it’s simply moved them from their printed paper to their online offering. Rather than being a victory for feminism or a blow to liberty, it could simply be a straight forward attempt to try and moved a segment of its readership online – move the ‘content’ that a certain segment value to your new platform to see if online subscriptions increase.

It points towards a model that could make sense for many Product Managers struggling to move an intransigent customer base to a new platform or delivery mechanism – deliver your complete offering on old and new platforms, and then slowly pick off content and features to drive customers to your new service.


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