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About Tarigo Product Management

Established in 2003, Tarigo has built an enviable reputation for delivering high-quality training and consultancy solutions to product managers throughout Europe and the USA.

What we’re about


With over a decade’s experience training blue chip, mid-market and start-up companies, Tarigo has built a unique wealth of product management knowledge. This is reflected in an impressive client list that includes companies such as Sony, AOL, Orange, Promethean, SAP and Sophos. Our training and consultancy professionals all bring extensive real-world expertise to the table, helping to support our clients in launching more than 30 products worldwide that together generate annual revenue streams in excess of $100 million.


Key to our training and consultancy is a holistic view of product management that considers a product’s lifecycle from initial idea right through to product withdrawal. As a result, all training and consultancy is delivered with the bigger picture in mind, rather than in isolation. It also means that Tarigo is able to equip delegates fully with the tools and skills necessary for successful navigation through each and every stage of a product’s lifecycle.


For our training and consultancy to have maximum impact, it is essential that the skills, knowledge and drive gained from the session are maintained over time. To achieve this, our training is accompanied by a unique set of templates that support the full product management lifecycle process, enabling product managers to implement quickly and effectively the processes learnt on the course. We also offer post-training coaching sessions online to ensure continuous improvement long after the training or consultancy is completed.

Led by experience

gary avery


Before founding Tarigo in 2003, director and lead trainer Garry Avery had gathered over a decade’s experience in product management. Roles included Product Marketing Manager at Hewlett Packard – where he was responsible for doubling annual revenues of the HP acceSS7 Surveillance product portfolio to over $50 million – and Product Director at Micromuse where he managed the core product management team with P&L responsibility for a revenue stream of over $100m.


After observing a clear lack of high-quality product management training, founder Garry Avery decided to use his extensive skillset to start up a training company with a difference: “It has always surprised me that, for a function that is so comprehensive, how ad-hoc and limited the training opportunities for product managers were. It therefore made complete sense to me to build a training and consultancy company that takes a full 360 degree view of product management, enabling product managers to drive success at all stages of a product’s life. Important too is Tarigo’s ability to draw from real-world experiences so that product managers can walk away from our training sessions and start implementing what they have learnt straight away.”


Tarigo’s fresh approach to product management training has proven incredibly successful and our capability to adapt to clients’ training and consultancy needs has only helped to further this success. In fact, our close working relationship with our clients has made sure that Tarigo are also continually refining and improving their portfolio so that it remains highly relevant to the product management function in companies across the world, both now and in the future.

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  • “Product Management is maybe the least well defined job in the industry, therefore it’s very difficult to find product management training courses that actually address your needs. This course was delivered by a trainer who really knows what he’s talking about and is passionate about it…”
    Felip Garcia, Product Manager, Sony
  • “The trainer had a real wealth of industry knowledge and brought the course to life with real-world, practical examples … Tarigo product management training is a great investment in our future.”
    David Pinches, Head of MMD, Software Group, Sage UK
  • “Coming from a small start-up company I was concerned about the cost and effectiveness of a product management training course ... Having attended the course, it has more than delivered. It will continue to deliver via the course materials, workshops and handouts.”
    Rob Newby, Product Manager, Kinamik Data Integrity